The Ultimate Sales Machine — Chet Holmes



1. Time Management

Alright. That I did for the last 10,000 hours. Check!

2. Instituting Higher Standards and Regular Training

We never had formal training. We train our developers on the job via code review and the rest of the team by watching me.

3. Executing Effective Meetings

4. Becoming a Brilliant Strategist

Alright. Here comes the content marketing part.

5. Hiring Superstars

  • What events or influences from your childhood shaped who you are today? What are some of the biggest challenges in your life?
  • What was the toughest sale you ever made? (Make sure you ask for all the details and step-by-step specifics of this experience.)
  • Tell me about a time in your life when the odds were stacked against you but you overcame them and succeeded.
  • Have you ever practiced and reached a high level in any area beyond just getting by in life?

6. The High Art of Getting the Best Buyers

7. The Seven Musts of Marketing

8. The Eyes Have It Attract and Close More Buyers

  • State of the industry, how times have changed
  • Five trends that could put you out of business or send you to the stars
  • Some solutions every one should know to succeed
  • How you can be ahead of the pack in every way When you’re presenting to clients, you can tell them that they have problems. It sounds worse and puts them in the mind-set to be open to solutions.

9. The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers

  • Choose your Dream 100.
  • Choose the gifts.
  • Create your Dream 100 letters.
  • Create your Dream 100 calendar
  • Conduct Dream 100 follow-up phone calls.
  • Present the executive briefing.

10. Sales Skills

11. Follow-up and Client Bonding Skills

12. All Systems Go



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Hannes Kleist

Hannes Kleist


MBA, 10 years strategy at ProSiebenSat.1, 5 years app startup (exited), 5 years digital agency, now helping startups with sales