Stillness Is the Key — Ryan Holiday



Part I: Mind

  • What did I do well?
  • What could I have handled better?

Part II: Spirit

Part III: Body

  1. I am reducing my wardrobe. For each item (socks, shorts, shirts, shoes) I am looking for a non-brand, high-quality item. I will look the same every day — perhaps with a “business version” and a “casual version”.
  2. I will replace my SUV after the lease is up with something 100% practical, like a VW Transporter.
  3. I reduced the number of subscriptions in my life. Netflix, YouTube Pro, Spotify. I am keeping only health stuff.



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Hannes Kleist

Hannes Kleist


MBA, 10 years strategy at ProSiebenSat.1, 5 years app startup (exited), 5 years digital agency, now helping startups with sales